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Fruzo Slushies

Looking for a healthy frozen drink at your event? We have you covered!

Why do you need slushies at your event?

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Slushies give any celebration a festive, vibrant atmosphere with their bright colours and frosty texture that just says "party." Plus, they are easy to make in large batches to appease the masses.


Serving slushies at your next backyard barbecue, birthday party, or other event is a delicious way to keep guests refreshed and add a fun, summery vibe.


You'll see smiles on their faces when they take that first icy sip.

Get in contact with our team today, and have Slushies at your event tomorrow!

Mix Options

  • Fruzo – A Frozen Fruit Juice Based Slushy With 10 Delicious, Health Conscious Flavours


Purple Passion

Apple Juice with passionfruit, pineapple and orange flavours


Pineapple Passion

Apple Juice with passionfruit, pineapple and orange flavours


Loaded Lime

Apple Juice with lime flavour


Bubble Gum

Apple Juice with original bubblegum flavour

  • Fruzo Supreme – The “Better For You” 99% Fruit Juice Slushy Product Available In 12 Refreshing Flavours


Berry Blast

Apple Juice with raspberry flavour


Fru Cola

Apple Juice with caramel flavour


Blue Lemonade

Apple Juice with lemon and lemon squash flavours


Orange Mango

Apple Juice with orange and mango flavours

Long Term Rental

Looking for a new exciting drink option for your restaurant or bar?

We can install our machines on your premises

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