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Whatever the occasion, we have the venue for you.


Customisable to create your perfect wedding venue. Clear or white available.


Rated for high winds.


Corporate events, high end market stalls, vendors.

Rated for high winds.


Backyard parties, get-togethers.


Rated for med/low winds.


Market stalls, shade cover.


Rated for low winds.


A unique way to host parties, silent disco and so much more!

Rated for med/low winds.

What is the best option for my event?


Event Hire are legends. It rained on the day of our garden party, and we realised we would need a marquee. From our 7am phone call (that was answered on a Sunday morning!!) to their can-do attitude, to getting a last minute team together to come over to Akaroa and erect a clear marquee all before our guests arrived at 2pm… It was literally unbelievable the effort they put in to make this happen for us on the day.

-Andie Moore

The team at Event Hire are a pleasure to work with and go above and beyond what is expected. They deliver our events to an excellent standard and nothing is ever an issue. We can not recommend them enough to be involved with your event.

- Campbell Ross

Carter Consultants


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