3D Event Design

Want to see what your Event will look like in advance and to scale?

3D Designing with Event
Hire gives you peace of mind!

Using our 3D design software, we can completely design to scale your venue, whether it’s a fixed venue or one of our marquees, spatial awareness is very important when hoisting any function and at Event Hire, we have a hassle-free approach to solving any problem.

Advantages from using this service include:

  • Find out how much space you really have to work with
  • Compatible with all Events, highly recommended for Weddings
  • Factor in various table styles/sizes, food service and entertainment
  • Make your seating chart from our plans
  • Ensure health and safety is covered, making fire exits and entrances planned and visible

We have designed layouts for functions like fashion shows, weddings, corporate events, school balls, funerals and all things alike.

Our background in Event Management has proven that an accurate design/layout contributes to positive staff management and saves everyone time when packing in and out.


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